12 Days of Christmas Competition info

EDIT 2 – 11/27/07 Added another prize. Thanks Phill Rossi!

EDIT – 11/26/07 Added another prize to the list. Thanks Flockofdodos.com!

Hi there. Here is all the information about my new competition, the 12 Days of Christmas.

During the 12 days running up to the 25th, I aim to give out at least one *something* such as a book, album or t-shirt. Many of these items are signed. Here is the list of things which i KNOW I can give out so far. (Of course, If the person who is donating the prize does not get the prize sent to me, I can not give it out. But i doubt that anybody would do that.)

Only one of these prizes has a confirmed date attached, and all prizes may come in multiples. When I say “A copy of X” I could mean “3 copies of X”. I’m just not gonna tell you.

  1. 25th of December, a copy of a Harry Potter book, signed by some of the cast of the next Harry Potter Film
  2. A signed copy of Scott Sigler’s Ancestor – This book is now out of print, this is the only way you can get it.
  3. A signed copy of Mur Lafferty’s Playing for Keeps.
  4. A signed copy of Tee Morris‘s Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies, Legacy of Morevi and BilliubBaddings and the Case of the Singing Sword (Not all on the same day of course)
  5. A signed, Limited Edition, Pre Release copy of Seth Harwood’s Jack Wakes Up.
  6. A signed album by George Hrab.M
  7. A Playing for Keeps T-shirt from Geeklabel.com
  8. A signed DVD of the Flock of Dodos documentary
  9. A signed, limited edition copy of Crescent, the podiobook by Phill Rossi. This CD comes with full album artwork, and all the trimmings.

And more to be announced.

So, I hear you ask how you can win some of my great swag. All you have to do it subscribe to my podcast for free, using the little buttons over on the right hand side, (Click the “iTunes” button if you use iTunes and you will be subscribed automatically) or subscribe to my mailing list.

Good Luck, and let me know what you think of this contest!

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8 Responses to “12 Days of Christmas Competition info”

  1. Kelsey Weasleby Says:

    Hey! I do not know you, but if knowing you means that I could possibly recieve a “copy of a Harry Potter book, signed by some of the cast of the next Harry Potter Film” then I’m all for it!

    My bebo is bebo.com/kweasleby .. Message me?

    Oh, and I’m signing up for your podcasts. Even though I dont know you. At all. I’m soo creepy. Sorry. Bye!

  2. Anon Says:

    O his Bebo is broken, that or hes too good to message people.

    By the way, well done with the prizes and such, everything is looking good!

  3. D Says:

    ya the prizes look cool especially the hp book.. maybe i will send you both a friend request on bebo

    lol you make it sound like knowing him would be bad

  4. admin Says:

    I call slander. I do message those on bebo who I want to.

  5. Anon Says:

    Yes, that is quite understandable. But I found being ignored a bit rude, thats all.

    So, this may not be the right place to be asking, but does anyone here do any gaming? Online?

  6. amy Says:

    Wow, how could you get hold of all that stuff? Especially the signed book, is it real?

    This is really cool but I think it’s kinda bad if you don’t like the podcast and don’t listen but just sign up for a prize chance. Anyway, just out of interest who are the cast signing it? Is it people like Emma, Dan, Rupert ect or people like Matt, Evanna and Alfie? Oooh I hope it’s Evanna or Alfie!!

    Looking good :)
    Love the latext VFTQ by the way, but it’s not my very favourite

  7. admin Says:

    Thanks for the feedback.

    No, I’m not telling you who the people are who are signing the book. You will have to wait for another while to find that out.

    And yes, of course it is real.

    Hopefully, people who sign up just to win stuff will like the podcast, and stay subscribed. That is sort of the aim i have for this.

  8. LauraxXx Says:

    Those prizes do look really cool :) Well done :) Course I already listen to your Podcasts (well most of them hehe) but if i didnt it might get me interested so great plan Cian! :)